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Brown pocket rot of Sitka spruce

Brown pocket rot of Sitka spruce - Fruiting bodies of <em>Neolentinus kauffmanii</em>
  • Latin name: Neolentinus kaufmannii (A. H. Smith) Redhead & Ginns
  • French name: Carie brune alvéolaire de l'épinette de Sitka
  • Division: Basidiomycota
  • Class: Agaricales




British Columbia

Damage, symptoms and biology

Losses of about 1-2% of gross merchantable volume have been attributed to Neolentinus kauffmanii in B.C. It frequently occurs in scattered pockets in the high quality butt log often necessitating the rejection of these logs for lumber production. The amount and pattern of decay visible at the end of a log seldom provides a reliable indication of the extent of internal defect.

Other information

Decay caused by N. kauffmanii cannot be detected in standing timber as the fruiting bodies form only on infected wood exposed to air. The fungus is known to survive in Sitka spruce logs that have been on the ground for more than 50 years.

Canadian Forest Service Publications

Brown pocket rot of Sitka spruce

Information on host(s)

Main host(s)

Sitka spruce

Secondary host(s)

Western hemlock


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