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Conical morel

Conical morel - Cap and stalk, fruiting body
  • Latin name: Morchella conica Fries
  • French name: Morille conique
  • Division: Ascomycota
  • Class: Pezizales
  • Synonym(s): Morchella conica var. conica Fr.,
    Morchella costata Ventenat,
    Morchella intermedia Boud.




Eastern Canada

Damage, symptoms and biology

Humicolous species that is 5 to 10 cm tall and measures 2 to 4 cm in diameter with a conical-shaped, sponge-like, brownish cap that presents several cavities arranged in vertical rows. The cap and the stem are separated by a very visible depression. The stem, slightly lighter in colour than the cap, is hollow, sometimes wrinkled and fairly fragile. The flesh is thin, fragile and has a very pleasant odour and taste. This species produces ochre-coloured spores.

Other information

Highly edible and sought after for its delicious flavour. It should be cooked carefully, however. The species' rarity has pushed up prices.

Habitats : deciduous forests, mixed forests, particularly those with balsam poplar.

Canadian Forest Service Publications

Conical morel