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Involute paxillus

Involute paxillus - Cap and stalk, fruiting body
  • Latin name: Paxillus involutus Fr.
  • French name: Paxille enroulé
  • Division: Basidiomycota
  • Class: Boletales




Eastern Canada

Damage, symptoms and biology

Humicolous species with a reddish brown to yellowish brown cap that measures 4 to 15 cm in diameter. It is somewhat convex with an incurved and tomentose margin. The flesh is thick, soft and tender; it is yellowish but turns brown when exposed to the air. The gills are decurrent, branching at the base and detach easily from the flesh. The short, full stem, which is the same colour as the cap, is sometimes slightly tapered at the base. This species produces brown spores.

Other information

This mushroom is toxic when not cooked properly.

Habitats : deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, meadows and lawns, in proximity to old stumps.

Canadian Forest Service Publications

Involute paxillus


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