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Warted puffball

Warted puffball - Fruiting body
  • Latin name: Lycoperdon perlatum Pers.
  • French name: Vesse de loup perlée
  • Division: Basidiomycota
  • Class: Lycoperdales
  • Synonym(s): Lycoperdon albidum Velen.,
    Lycoperdon fagetorum Velen.,
    Lycoperdon gemmatum Fr.,
    Lycoperdon scrobiculatum Velen.,
    Lycoperdon tasmanicum Mass.,
    Lycoperdon turbinatum Lloyd




Eastern Canada

Damage, symptoms and biology

The fruiting body is white, sometimes yellowish or brownish, and pear-shaped. Its surface is covered with tiny spines or warts of variable size. With age, the surface becomes increasingly dry and brittle; it eventually splits open on top and the spores escape. The stem is very reduced and ends in tiny filaments at the base. The flesh is initially white and firm, becoming increasingly greenish and soft with age. At maturity, the flesh consists of a network of microscopic filaments interspersed with yellow-brown to olive-brown spores.

Other information

This mushroom is edible when young, white and firm. It is pleasant tasting but odourless.

Habitats : deciduous and coniferous forests and clearing with grass and other areas with herbaceous vegetation.

Canadian Forest Service Publications

Warted puffball


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