Tar spot (Rhytisma salicinum )

Tar spot (<em>Rhytisma salicinum </em>) - Stromata of <em>Rhytisma salicinum</em> on willow
  • Latin name: Rhytisma salicinum (Pers.:Fr.) Fr.
  • French name: Tache goudronneuse à Rhytisma salicinum
  • Division: Ascomycota
  • Class: Rhytismatales
  • Synonym(s): Melasmia salicina Lév.,
    Melasmia salicina Lév.





Damage, symptoms and biology

Black stromata with raised centres 2-5 mm diameter form on upper leaf surfaces.

The major impact of this disease is a reduction in the aesthetic value of ornamentals.

Other information

Raking up and destroying dead leaves in the fall will reduce the severity of the disease.

Canadian Forest Service Publications

Tar spot (Rhytisma salicinum )

Information on host(s)

Main host(s)

Bebb willow, pussy willow, willow

  • Tar spot (<em>Rhytisma salicinum </em>) Stromata of Rhytisma salicinum on willow
    Eric Allen
  • Tar spot (<em>Rhytisma salicinum </em>) Tar spot of willow caused by Rhytisma salicium.
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