Jack pine resin midge

Jack pine resin midge - Larvae extracted from pitch mass (length: about 4 mm)
  • Latin name: Cecidomyia resinicola (Osten Sacken)
  • French name: Cécidomyie résineuse du pin gris
  • Order: Diptera
  • Family: Cecidomyiidae
  • Synonym(s): Cecidomyia reeksi Vockeroth




Annual shoot

Damage, symptoms and biology

Reddened annual shoots with resin drops at their base point to the presence of the jack pine resin midge. The larvae feed on the resin drops and damage young tissues, killing the annual shoots. Severe attacks can kill young jack pines.

The partially grown larvae overwinter in masses of resin on twigs, where they change into pupae in early spring.

Life cycle (East of the Rockies)

Life cycle (East of the Rockies)
Stage/Month J F M A M J J A S O N D

Other information

Annual outbreaks of the jack pine resin midge have occurred in Canada since 1963, mainly affecting plantations in central Quebec and south central Ontario, along with natural stands in western Quebec. Today, the insect occasionally appears in seed orchards as well.In the Prairie provinces, it has caused damage to trees already weakened by Jack pine budworm.

The species can be controlled on isolated trees and in plantations by pruning affected shoots. It is important to remove the sections with resin and to burn all of the material.

Canadian Forest Service Publications

Jack pine resin midge

Diet and feeding behaviour

  • Phloeophagous : Feeds on phloem.
    • Gall-forming: Induces the formation of galls and feeds on their tissues.
Information on host(s)

Main host(s)

Jack pine

  • Jack pine resin midge Recently attacked jack pine shoot with new pitch mass near terminal bud
  • Jack pine resin midge Empty pupal cases in pitch after emergence of adults
  • Jack pine resin midge External appearance of pitch mass harboring larvae at the base of a jack pine twig
  • Jack pine resin midge Larvae extracted from pitch mass (length: about 4 mm)
  • Jack pine resin midge Dorsal view of a live adult
  • Jack pine resin midge Young infested jack pines
  • Jack pine resin midge Jack pine branch with tip completely destroyed
  • Jack pine resin midge Jack pine branch whit tip completely destroyed
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