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Trees, insects and diseases of Canada's forests

Group 5


Needles evergreen, single, flat or 4-sided; seeds in cones

Tree found all across Canada; needles dull grayish-green; crown cylindrical and narrow

  • Black spruce

Tree found in the mountains of interior British Columbia and in adjacent parts of Alberta; twigs somewhat hairy

  • Engelmann spruce

Common tree in the Maritime provinces and southward into the Appalachian Mountains of the United States; present but less frequent in south-central Ontario and north of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. Needles shiny yellowish-green; crown broadly conical

  • Red spruce

Pacific Coast tree; flattened needles

  • Sitka spruce

Tree found in all forested regions of Canada, except on the Pacific Coast; twigs hairless; inner bark salmon pink

  • White spruce

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