Whitetriangle leafroller

Whitetriangle leafroller -
  • Latin name: Clepsis persicana (Fitch)
  • French name: Tortrix à triangle blanc
  • Order: Lepidoptera
  • Family: Tortricidae


Quebec, Newfoundland, Ontario, British Columbia

This species occurs throughout British Columbia from the Skeena and Peace River drainages south; it also occurs across Canada and extends to California and Virginia.



Damage, symptoms and biology

Clepsis persicana is a common innocuous solitary defoliator.

Mature larva up to 18 mm long. Head, brownish yellow with dark ocellar area and short dark dash anterolaterally. Thoracic shield, brownish yellow. Body, slender, yellowish green, with green to dark green middorsal and subdorsal stripes.

This species appears to overwinter in the egg stage. Larvae are present from April to June, pupation occurs from June to July and adults emerge from June to July.

Canadian Forest Service Publications

Whitetriangle leafroller

Diet and feeding behaviour

  • Phyllophagous : Feeds on the leaves of plants.
    • Free-living defoliator: Feeds on and moves about freely on foliage.
Information on host(s)

The principal coniferous hosts of Clepsis persicana are Douglas-fir, subalpine fir, lodgepole pine and Engelmann spruce; other hosts include alder, apple, birch, willow and maple.

Main host(s)

Balsam fir, balsam poplar, Douglas-fir, Engelmann spruce, European black alder, green alder, hazel alder, lodgepole pine, Manitoba maple, mountain alder, mountain maple, red alder, red maple, Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir, Siberian alder, silver maple, Sitka alder, speckled alder, subalpine fir, sugar maple, trembling aspen, white birch, white spruce, willow

Secondary host(s)

American beech, American mountain-ash, apples, black cottonwood, black spruce, choke cherry, eastern white pine, jack pine, Jack’s hybrid poplar, largetooth aspen, pin cherry, ponderosa pine, red oak, red pine, red spruce, scots pine, tamarack, western hemlock

  • Whitetriangle leafroller
  • Whitetriangle leafroller
  • Whitetriangle leafroller
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